Enjoy giving massages

I enjoy giving women massages, I have always liked it but after my wife turned my marriage into a sexless marriage I started going to strip clubs to get the physical touch that I desire. Well this is where things turned, about 3 years ago I met a dancer who enjoyed the back rubs and gave some pointers also told specific moves. After that I have had several dancers who didnt expect it, they were pleasantly surprised. I have goven some in private dances but most are out on the floor at a regular table. I have had several dancers tell me they would pay for a massage from me. I have tried to give my spouse massages and all she does is criticize. When I go out to a club I have dancers walk up and ask me for a massage. I have had more than one roll their eyes back and tell me they had to go change their outfit as it was wet from the massage. I had on 3 occasions had dancers break their rules on areas of touch and guide my hands into the no fly zone which could get pretty wild and even had one ask for another song and bring the rate down of $1 for 5 more songs. I am on the edge of leaving my spouse but I tend to wonder if the entertainers are actually being honest with me or just giving lip service. I have not had one meet outside of work for a massage mostly because I have not offered or asked if they wanted to. I know for sure three who have offered to pay me to give a full massage.

Feb 3

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