I'm A Conservative Looking Career Woman But ....

I'm the kind of professional women people call strait-laced. I never wear anything revealing or talk dirty. I don't flirt with men on my job and I'm all business at work. I have one weakness though. I go to a spa at least once a week for massages to relax and unwind from the many hours I work in my career. And no matter if the person giving me the massage is male or female, attractive or unattractive, I start getting aroused when the person touches my body and secretly wish the person would touch me sexually and give me an o*****.

In fact, I have had o****** while having professional massages without any inappropriate touching. I held back any reaction as I quietly exploded inside and felt a little surprised and embarrassed. I also fantasize about being ravished on a massage table. Why I'm like this I don't know, and my friends and associates would never suspect Ms Strait-laced would get so h**** from non-sexual massages.

Feb 16, 2012

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  • Hmm you need to unwind a tad, relax some and get a good f****** honey.

  • It sounds like you are a lot like me, except I am a man. I am in a profession where I have to be "straight laced" and appropriate and controlled..... perhaps that is why we secretly desire to get out of control!
    Somehow you will need to find an outlet......

  • I'll do you.

  • You're spending a lot on your fantasies. Maybe you'll find a man who will massage you nicely, then slowly work his way into a hot sexual encounter.

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