Incident in the boys room

This isn't a s** story it is a bullying story.

This lummox of a punk kid thought it was fun to torment and abuse a much smaller boy. The smaller boy called him a son of a b**** after the bullying and he was overheard by one of the big a******* friends who told him.

The smaller kid was in the boys room and the bigger kid went in there and gave him a left-right combination t the face. It was a pretty hard pounding.

In the meantime, a friend saw another guy slip on a bar of soap and almost fall. My friend laughed out loud.

I didn't laugh because I didn't want the guy who just got beat up to think I was laughing at him.

My friend was taking a p*** and the assaulted guy slammed his fist into my friend knocking the wind out of him. He said that's for laughing.

Even though my friend had not laughed directly at him he still made the mistake of laughing.

Not a damn thing happened to the punk who beat the s*** out of him and in fact the teachers didn't know.

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