My last fight in high school

There were two punks at my high school one was nearly 6ft 6in and the other was about 6ft even. Apparently the two of them had been driving around and for no good reason assaulting other smaller or weaker or some poor student who was alone or whatever. Some of the kids they hit were smaller than that. Barely in their teens.

The big punk was named Jimmy M and the smaller punk was named Gene B.

Gene B was by himself and was bragging about the concussions they caused along with the teeth they knocked out etc.

I spoke up and I said "well look at how big Jimmy is" If it had been just you, you would have got the s*** whipped out of you.

This p***** him off and he said how about you? I shoved him and the fight was on. He was losing the fight and he tried to beg off saying "Ok OK". I plowed into him anyway and remembering what he said about concussions and teeth being knocked out I kicked him in the mouth while he was down and knocked out his front te3eth. He was also suffering from a concussion.

While he was laying there I said "tell your buddy Jimmy I got big friends too" If he wants to cause a problem let me know and I'll bring someone over his size and me and you, my big buddy and I wil whip your ass again.

This happened many years ago but I treasure this memory more than I do college graduation.

May 29, 2016

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  • I saw a video taken on a phone in junr high I think it was where this kid was being picked on and apparently had been picked on all the time forever. The little kid being picked on when ballistic and picked up the aggressor and smashed him into the ground.

    I wonder if we taught kids to stick up for themselves rather than all this no bullying stuff whether there would be actually less bullying.

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