A frightful site triggered my wife into maternal obsession

Near the college that we attended was a small man made lake. You could row a canoe on it, but not swim or any motorized craft. We would go out there and have a picnic, rent a canoe and row around in the afternoon. That afternoon we stopped on the way and had some BBQ. We rented the canoe and went out on the lake.

We say a shadow, something in the water. There were rumors of alligators but no one had actually seen one, so we approached it slowly. It was a girl, face down, drowned. The Sheriff said she was a floater. Turned out she was a girl missing from another town.

This experience really sat on us and that night we threw all caution to the wind and we had ** in the most aggressive way we could. I asked her if she wanted to get knocked up, and she said yes, knock her up, knock her up good. We ** several more times that week and every time we ** we used nothing and I came in her and she said ** me again, knock me up.

Well, we got what we asked for and she got knocked up and we had to get married. Once the little one was here and she was holding her and letting her nurse I asked her if she was happy she got knocked up, She said yes, I could knock her up as many times as I wanted. Just keep knocking her up and she was going to be fine. Don't stop.

It was several years later, she had four by then and she was asking for another one when I happened to mention this to an acquaintance . This woman was a clinical psychologist, I was asking her for a better understanding. She surmised that seeing the dead girl, a teenager who would never have a life and never have kids triggered her into a maternal obsession.

Well we stopped after five, I got my nuts tied off and she got mad about it. To her there is no purpose without children, and if some woman or girl starts off on not wanting any she will rip them a new one. She's more than a good mother and if things work out the way she wants her daughters will be having grandchildren once their bodies are ready for them, college notwithstanding.

Feb 9

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  • Since you are shooting blanks, I’ll knock her up a few more times so long as she hasn’t turned into a cow.

  • Had a horrible incident the other day. I was sitting in the back garden casually leafing through the Quran when I suddenly had to answer the door. Because I was in a hurry, I put my Quran on the grill, not paying attention. When I returned to the back garden, I saw that my dog nudged the grill switch and switched on the grill. The Quran I was reading was beginning to catch the fire, so I snatched it off the grill and put out the flame. Just at that moment, my other pet, a lovely intelligent pig, snatched the Quran off my hand and swallowed it down in one gulp!

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