The art of distraction is premeditated murder

People die from falling off ladder fall off roof shot in the head by a gun. I have thought about this for a while. Distraction can be used as a weapon. I previously considered it could result in death. The person being distracted has a duty. The duty involves caring for someone or something. If he does not do his duty on time or correctly, for example giving medicine or food at a certain time it could result in the death of a person. An evil person uses some kind of distraction that throws a curve ball to a person who is a care taker of another. The distraction is fine tuned by this evil person that pushes the correct buttons to cause a high level of distraction to the care taker. The care taker is a trained individual who under normal circumstances will not allow the distraction to affect his or her work. The fune tuned distraction is done by an individual who has taken time to study the best methods of distraction for this care taker individual. He or she the one causing the distraction has over a period of time come to learn what works and what does not work and what works the best after testing varies methods of distraction over a period of time. The end result is a calculated premeditated so to speak crime that is done under the shadow of the distraction.
Another kind of horrible situation is one that I just realized today exist. It is the distraction that causes a slip and fall injury or death. Homicide occurs when a person kills another person.[1] A homicide requires only a volitional act or omission that causes the death of another, and thus a homicide may result from accidental, reckless, or negligent acts even if there is no intent to cause harm. I had an important task that needed to be done this morning. I woke up ready and willing happy go lucky to get it done. The task was to properly secure a tarp on my roof. A simple task one could probably do with one eye. The situation became a bit of a nerve rack as I was preparing to handle the task. The task involves a ladder climbing onto and walking around a roof using screws and rope to secure the tarp. As I was gathering the hardware to complete this task this happened. An unknown individual of low moral and horrible conduct made the following statement "who owned boo you or your mom ? " Boo was my most loved pet Rabbit a Blanc De Hotot God's most prized creation. She passed just over 3 years ago since her passing my life as been a downward decline a constant fight to stop sinking into quick sand. Unimaginable sadness related to events that occured before and after her death. Events that go beyond the scope of my at the time thinking processes. The events that occured were that of absolute horror and that is another story that I have already written within another venue.
The moment the question was made by this sad individual a demon of treachery I felt a decline in my energy it was instant. My smile turned upside down into a sad frown. Happiness gone over taken by confusion, anger and intense heat within my core that I do not understand but I do not like it. I am a very capable person and taking all that into consideration I do not see any problem going up a ladder and onto a roof that is not completely sound and making adjustments to a tarp to properly secure and position onto the roof. The thing is distraction is a sneaky weapon used in a silent war or battle. You may not even know you are in a fight or battle. The opponent is the distractor and he is looking for something bad to happen to you. You may think the distraction is no big deal but a few moments later when you are on the roof your mind may do some kind of review of what was said while you are suppose to be complelely focused on a task that millions of people have had serious injury and or died from falling off ladder slipping off sliding off a roof tripping on a roof shingle. It is common sense that ladder and roof tops are a danger. When I fall down and hurt myself or die the distractor will not likely be charged with a crime of homocide although the definition is clear reckless, or negligent acts. I hope this story brings to light the silent harm distraction can result. Stay with God and think before you talk try to use uplifting forms of communication. God Bless

Feb 13

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