It was on purpose

I do roofing for a living and the other day, well more than the other day now but a few months ago I was sent out to do a roof repair, I was up on the roof and noticed a girl in the neighbors yard, Cute, Young and just hanging out in a pair of shorts and a tank top. The repair work took longer than it should have to be honest since I spent a lot of time looking at her, I had finished the side of the roof facing her yard and had moved to the other side the next day but kept peeking over the roof to see if she was there.
Around noon I needed a break and moved to the shady side of the roof under the shade of a tree, That was when I seen her, She was in her room and unfortunately I couldn't see much but I could tell she wasn't wearing much if anything. I sat there eating my lunch when she came wandering into the back yard which provided me with a MUCH better view, She had on a bikini, A towel slung over her shoulder and had a book in one hand and a bottle of sunscreen in the other. She walked basically just past the shade from the house into the sunny area of her yard, She spread out her towel, Sat down and spread sun screen on her legs, Thighs and stomach then got on her knees, Looked around and untied her top.
I almost fell off the roof as she untied it, I don't know how old she is but I have a suspicion I probably should not have been looking but couldn't resist, She looked around, Untied her top and took it off. Biggish t***, Great legs, Tiny ass that she was more than happy to show off laying on her stomach, I spent the majority of the day just sitting in my shady spot watching her and she spent the majority of the time laying down reading switching from her front to her back. When it was almost 5:00 she got up, Put her top on and started to gather her stuff, as she turned to walk into the house she looked back at me, Lowered her sunglasses, Smiled and waved then walked inside.
If there was any way I could have stretched that job into an all summer thing I would have but I imagine my week days would have been boring since I am pretty sure she would have been in school.

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  • I have often walked past a ground floor window topless but only at hotels because I don't want creeps knowing where I live.

  • There are a number of landscapers in the neighborhood. I have a reputation with the landscapers as I frequently parade around the outside of the house fully nude. I always act surprised when they catch me. Initially I would just be topless but now I love to be fully nude

  • My wife's little sister used to live with us until she went to college, From the time she was 14 -18 she often left her door open a bit when changing or sleeping in something a little showy, seldom wore a bra at home and often I would be very easily able to see up the leg of her shorts or up a skirt.
    I often wonder if it was carelessness or if she knew I could see and enjoyed showing off, Either way her husband now is a lucky man from what I seen.

  • I also do roofing and just summer gone. I witnessed three preteen girls naked in their back yard with pool. I honestly dont know what their parents were at. I spent two days on the job...

  • Did u get hard looking at them.

  • Still hard thinking about it.

  • Yes i did

  • Hard not to look at there sexy little body’s all right an young.

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