Humidity will cause more damage than the water

My apartment suffered water damage from the Fire dept. It sucked but everything was ok after a week went by it dried up. It rained for a couple days a little tropical depression mild wind but steady rain. I covered my roof with a tarp but it was a ** set up. I struggled to get the ** thing up. It was just about long enough to cover the highest point leak and the lowest point leak. The lowest point was tricky because of air pressure. The best way in my opinion to strap it down would be bungee cords. A bungee cord in each of the built in metal attachment rings on the tarp. This would give the tarp some play as the air pressure fluxuates above and below the roof. I was told to use a 4x4 post from my fence material. The post would hold it down. Just lay the post on top the tarp and done. I had a lot of trouble getting the post on the roof it was heavy. I almost fell off the ladder power lifting it onto the roof. I had to straighten out the tarp and fight against light wind. Just light wind gave the tarp strong lift. I placed the 4x4 post along the bottom of the tarp and a metal post along the loose north side of the tarp. When the tropical depression started no rain came inside. At some point I heard a loud thump. I inspected inside I noticed the tarp was being sucked into the hole in the lower roof. I noticed rain was coming in at the lowest point of the roof. ** it man. I can not do anything at that point. Storm is over now about 2 days and the worse part just began. The humidity is horrible. I need to remove the tarp from the roof if it is still up there. The humidity is so high I think it is affecting my blood circulation. Just kidding if anything it is affecting my comfort zone. Humidity a son of a **. I tried to do something to stop more water from coming in. The water from the fire dept is not the same as water coming in from rain. Rain water is on another level it is hard water. The water from the fire dept has to be reclaimed water or tap water.

Nov 13
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