I wish she’d just go the ** away

So two years ago, my now 25 year old step daughter, moved back in with my gf and I. She is my gfs daughter. I had explained to my gf that I had no problem letting her move back in as long as she had a plan to get back on her feet, and find her own place. Now two years later she’s living in our garage which she calls her “tiny home”. She pays nothing for rent/bills, does nothing to help around the house unless it somehow benefits her, borrows money constantly from her mother, uses her mothers car and when it breaks she said she has no idea how it’s happened and expects us to pay for the repairs and so much mor ** that just boggles my mind.

When I bring it up to my gf that her daughter needs to start looking for her own place, I get told how ignorant and mean I am that I want this full grown human to move the ** out and find her own place. The daughter doesn’t even work twenty hours a week, as she’s such a liberal leftist dumb ** that follows that new doctrine that says they don’t work to live. My step daughters father runs one of the largest landscaping businesses in the area, and she was told if she worked with him, the business would be hers in ten years. So what does she do… quits because someone hurt her feelings at work.

I can honestly say I despise her with ever atom in my body. I refuse to speak to her, or do anything for her. I refuse to even listen to any thing she has to say to me. When she does try and speak to me I leave the room and if her mother says anything, I just tell her I didn’t hear her. But this dumb ** garage troll is ruining my gfs and I relationship, slowly but surely and tbh I believe that’s her whole plan to break myself and her mother up, thus ensuring she’ll have a free place to live. Any advice I could get on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated

Feb 13

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  • If you own the house/property, you can have the police to ** her out. Take her to court and tell the judge everything she has been doing and keep a journal of dates to take to a lawyer every time she pulls her **. But only do this after you have had a talk with your wife and your wife doesn't listen to you. I would say,I can see clearly that you aren't listening to me and I am not going to have a choice but to take her to court and get her off my property. I'm sure they will.listen then,if not get a lawyer.Can't afford one? Call legal aide. If you are renting, then talk to the Landlord about how you feel and about the issue with your stepdaughter. You may try and talk to your stepdaughter first nothing? talking to your wife didn't do any good? Then talk to a lawyer ( or Landlord if you're renting) if your wife owns the house/property and your name is not on the deed and nobody is listening, either put up with their ** or get another place and file for a divorce. Sometimes we've got not much of a choice and have to do things we don't want to do.

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