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During my teenage years (80's) something traumatic happened I was never able to forget. We lived outside the city in a very rural area and for fun the teenagers scored some beer and went to a spot on the river. Dirt road and very out of the way. I was 16 year old boy at the time with a learners permit for driving. My sister was 17 and had her real license.
One night we were leaving the river when we got a shock. A sheriff's car was waiting on the dirt road and lit us up. My sister was driving, we were terrified because we were both pretty drunk. The two officers pulled my sister out of the car and after a few minutes of grilling her, she was handcuffed. One of the officers came to the passenger side of the car and pulled me out. He handcuffed me and put me back in the passenger seat. As he shut the door he told me "if you sit there and be quiet you and you sister can get out of this". As he walked back to the front of the car I realized what was happening. My sister was pushed face down on the hood of our car as the officer pulled her jeans down. He got in behind her and I could see she was crying. I sat there and was forced to watch as he ** her. When he finished the other guy immediately took his place. When both of them had finished they uncuffed her and let he pull up her jeans. One of them came and let me go as well and threatened us with jail if we talked.
After they drove off I drove us home. My sister sat in the passenger seat and cried. We both agreed not to say anything, she was really embarrassed.
A year later we found out this happened to several of the girls who attended parties there.

Feb 14

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  • Same thing happened to me and my girlfriend on prom night. We left a party at 2am and we were going back to a hotel when I got pulled over. My girlfriend was wearing a very revealing red dress and he told her to get out and started to pat her down then lifted her dress as he unzipped his pants. He ** her for 5 mins while I sat and watched. She never had ** with me and later I found out she had to get an abortion because of it.

  • I had this happen to my girlfriend. I watched as the two cops ** her. The thing is that we were both virgins and the first cop took her virginity. It was over a month until we ** for the first time.

  • I know how you feel. During a home robbery our family was held at gunpoint. I was forced to watch my wife and daughter get ** by 3 men.

  • Hot! But I would have assfucked the robbers too and made cookies for them!

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