I like older men

I am a 13 year old girl black girl and i like older men. I dont want to have ** though i just want him to touch and feel me up and hump each other

Feb 18

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  • Ahh you HAD to be black! No racial offense or anything, but most black girls just don't really "do it" for me. I've made exceptions, but VERY few.

  • Interested

  • Freaking pedo! She is 13

  • I would be fine with that

  • Freaking pedo! She is 13

  • I agree getting to be past it

  • Don't do it! Even if you trust him. It will only lead you into trouble. Not to mention not many guys would be able to control themselves and it can ruin your life.

  • Agreed. You may have unpure thoughts but you are still a pure beautiful angel.

    Save yourself till you’re older and you find the right man. He may be older or younger. But don’t rush it

  • It’s normal I was 13 when I let an older guy take my virginity.

  • Nice. Although I'm not really into black girls. I do think about getting a bj someday.

  • How !uch older?

  • Your way too young!

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