One day when I was in Target, I was in the supermarket section of the store doing my weekly shopping. When these men seized me, overpowered me, and tore off my blouse and skirt, along with my ** and bra. They escaped after I chased them to the exterior doors. I was unable to pursue them outdoors for some reason, possibly an error of judgment, because I was exposed and people were gawking at me I guess. I was shocked how easy it was to do that to me as it was astounding how vulnerable a person can be. I mean, in about fifthteen seconds, I was left completely exposed and defenseless, without a stitch of clothes, and with nowhere to run or hide. I headed back to the clothing departments to get clothes, but apparently they had relocated them. I almost never found the women's apparel section because I immediately gathered quite a following, some of whom had their cameras phones out. When I finally did, I hid in the changing rooms waiting for security to arrive. To cut a long story short, the owner of the local ** just so happened to be present while this all occurred. He was so impressed by the show that he hired me to be one of his featured dancers at his gentlemen's club. So, I left the store that day without purchasing anything but instead discovered a lucrative profession. I suppose there are happy endings after all, lots of them...

Feb 18

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  • OP, what, no helicopter filled with billionaire sheiks landed and took you away to be their ** slave?

    Michael Hasselhof not appear and carry you to safety?

    No rainbow colored unicorns to ride?

  • Glad it worked out.
    Here's my Target story.
    My wife insisted I go with her shopping to Target. I had to ** so I left her and went to the bathrooms in front of the store. I went in the Men's and noticed a gorgeous woman washing her hands. She was wearing a knee length dress and heels. Maybe early 20s. I thought I'd went into the wrong bathroom but she told me it's OK, pulled up her dress and showed me her tiny white d**k. I went to the urinal and **. She stood next to me. I kept looking forward but she put her hand around my d**k. I finished ** and she pulled me into the handicap stall.
    I got the best ** ever! She even sucked the ** out of my d**k like it was a straw.
    I met up with my wife. She never asked where I'd been or what took so long. If she had, I was prepared to tell her I was looking new TVs.

  • ** that's nothing. My name is Marcel Shihadeh and I'm the one posting the fantasy ** on this site. I got ** by a horse and it came so hard in my ** that I felt my bowels filling up.

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