I am 18 and she is 57 and I am deeply in love

I can't think about anything else except her.. I am in deep trouble.. I'm scared that I might lose her. She understands me so much and she cares for me.. I don't know what to do.

Feb 20

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My step brother use to make me blow him when we were teens

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  • Not just ** I really like her

  • I understand, but she is a mature woman and you two won’t have much in common.

    But if you make her feel attractive and show her that a young man finds her ** then you can develop a closer relationship.

    When there is such an age difference ** will be the key to forge a bond

  • Darling,

    Just tell her how much you love her and how much you desire her.

    Older women love making love with young men. Just keep her sexually satisfied and she will be yours

  • Tell her you want to have ** with her!

  • She won’t hesitate for a moment.

    Be sure to tell her how beautiful she is. Kiss her lustfully.

    Work your way down her body. Don’t spend much time on her ** as that will be a turn off and make you seem immature. Lick her belly button. Run you tongue down to her ** but just give a little kiss ( that will drive her crazy). Then go to her inner thighs passionately kiss on them to the point you leave a hickie

    Then slowly work your back to her **. Licking and kissing. Then kiss the top of her ** near her ** and slide your tongue into that warm wet **. At this point she will be so ** ** and impressed with your skills.

    Then lick that ** till it purrs.

    Once she ** be sure to get a mouth full and ** up for a big kiss. At this point you tell her, “mommy, I I’ve you. I dream of you every day and night but I usually wake up at this point and I don’t know what to do next”

    Then I have no doubt that she will give into her desires and ride you until she can’t ** any longer. It will be your job to keep that ** hard and keep that seman **. I bet she will ** multiple times and you will ** 3 times or more. But after the 3rd your ** will ** like it’s ** but nothing will ** out.

    Then she will smile and give you a kiss and say, “mommy broke it “ as she dismounts.

  • You were right. I did just what you said. She was crazy. She orgasmed like 5 times!

  • Oh and boy is it painful when you ** after your ** have been drained

  • I’m so happy for you. And I’m sure your young lady friend enjoyed every minute

  • We had ** the next morning as well. She may be 57 but she is more ** than any other woman I have been with and so fun and talented

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