Afraid to be intimate

I've somehow always known that my phallus was smaller than average. I hate it because I love being naked. And yet it keeps me from doing what I desperately want to do. (Exposes myself as a nudist) ((none sexual)) however I can't bring myself to be around other people while **. ** I can't even let a girl see it until after it's been inside her. And then I don't ever want to see her friends. Because I know that little sneaker they do all too well. I know one thing for certain. I may have only had one girl climax from penetration ( my first love) . But I know for ** sure. That I've had at least three other girls ** during **. None of this really matters. I'll be alone the rest of my life anyways.

Feb 22

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  • If you call it a phallus they'll all think it's enormous...

  • Have you been to a nudist beach? There a lots of small ones there. Some guys look like there's nothing there at all.

  • Well, not exposing yourself to random strangers is actually a positive thing? Like, that's actually a crime if you did and it was non-consensual even if from your viewpoint it's 'nonsexual'. But also there's a lot more to life and relationships than **, let alone the size of your ** organ. You do know vibrators and other ** toys exist and that augments intimacy in general right?

    Try shaking off the doomer vibes, forget about flashing strangers in general, and just living life and letting what comes to you come to you. You may be surprised where life takes you.

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