Tomboy rules the neighborhood

This girl was a tomboy and ruled our neighborhood. She would wrestle all new kids and pinned their ** to the ground. You could not say no to her without her making life bad for you. Finally one day she threw on the ground and we started to wrestle. I never wrestle a girl before and I had only ever wrestled in gym.

Feb 26

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  • I never wrestled a girl who was trying to rule and bully anyone but I have wrestled many girls who just liked to wrestle. We would wrestle extremely rough and and hard and we enjoy putting each other into many different situations and wrestling holds. We would rolling all tangled together trying to gain the advantage to pin the other person down and tap out. We be grappling and grabbing each other and I would be on top of her and she would escape and get on top of me. This just keeps happening until someone gets the pins. Most of these girls can wrestle and know what and how do to it. Never kept track but we were about 50/50 of who who win. I started around 9 years old and I am now married and my wife and I wrestle all the time. We even wrestle with some of our friends. No inappropriate behavior is allowed. We just love the close contact between the wrestlers. My wife and I will wrestle each other ** on the bed as a form of foreplay before having amazing hot ** **.

  • Some people do not understand that girls now know how to wrestle and like to wrestle. I never wrestled a girl who wanted to be the boss or control the neighborhood or people. But I have wrestled many girls and have had fun doing so. Just rolling around tangled together trying different wrestling holds on each other is a ton of fun. Now married my wife and I wrestle for the fun of it. It’s good exercise and it’s very close and intimate contact trying to pin the other.we wrestle in the family room or outside on the grass. We also wrestle in the ** on our bed as forplay before we get aroused and ** and have amazing hot and ** **.

  • When i was 14,there also was a tomboy girl in my neighbor hood who was 14 also and wrestled us boys and would pin us to the ground! She made fun of us and called us wimps which made us mad.She made her First Holy Communion that one sunday in may and was in her poofy communion dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes. After her party,she was outside and me and my buddies were around and she started calling us wimps again! We ganged up on her and invited her to go into the woods near by.Three of my friends grabbed her and held her still while the other friend lifted up her communion dress and i took photos of her cloth communion diaper and plastic pants with my cell phone.The next day,the photos got spread around school and the tomboy girl was totally embarrassed! She never picked on us again after that!

  • There’s a quota on this site, at least 20% of posts must relate to wrestling females even as almost 0% of men or women find that of interest.

  • Just shut the ** up. Ask your friends if you have any how many have wrestled with girls. Ask the girls have they wrestled with a boy and did they enjoy it. You will need to correct your pass statements

  • And you kicked her ** into next week?

  • And? What happened?

  • Got his ** pinned to the ground

  • This is going to end up as some ** thing isn't it..

  • ** you

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