I love wrestling with girls

I love to wrestling with girls. I make friends with girls and after we are friends I asked if we can wrestle. A few said no but mostly they agreed to wrestle. Almost all of them enjoy our wrestling. I can not stop even now as I am older. I now look for young women who will wrestle.

Feb 26

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Caught wrestling with our pastor’s daughter

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  • Wrestle with girls since I was 5 years old. I have won snd I have loss. I am tall but I was skinny until after college. If I wrestled a girl around my weigh I at a good chance of winning the bigger weight difference would go to the girl. This one girlfriend in high school had me by 100 pounds she was not fat just a big gal at 5’and 8” tall to my 6 feet and 2” and 100 pounds. She would pin me 7 out of 10 matches. She never put me down or brag about her being able to put wrestle me. She knew I was tuff again and boy or girl in or close to my weight class. I enjoy wrestling with her and being in close intimate contact with her and wrestling extremely rough. She looked amazing in her jeans. After we wrestle we would make out and we would get extremely aroused and ** and we made sure that we were sexually satisfied. I miss her since she moved to the other side of the country has her dad got a new job. I do have many memories of our wrestling and sexual activities.

  • I how that wrestling with a boy or girl for the first time or has wrestled some but not a lot that the best is a boy wrestling with a girl. The girls will give the boys a better wrestling match. They have more strength and endurance in their legs and thighs and know how to use them to their advantage in wrestling. They do not have any hang up in grabbing and grappling and touching the boy while wrestling with him.

  • Fake as **

  • I am a girl and I wrestle with boys in middle school. I also wrestle in a wrestling club. I guess that is fake . I only think that I wrestle.
    You are a crazed idiot person who knows nothing

  • Another girl here. I guess I am a fake also even though I am on the wrestling team in high school, I have pinned boys as well I have pinned by them. I asking Have wrestled a couple of girls. But I guess it was only a dream. You are a stupid dumb person

  • Try it , you will get your ** kick
    Or have you already wrestled a girl and she has pinned you and you are afraid to admit that you lose to a girl

  • It think someone is applying stupid remarks before they get out

  • Someone is applying remarks about all subject matter before they even get out. I guess you have nothing better to do , you are a sick **

  • You are a fake

  • Do you get raging erections when you wrestle females?

  • It depends on the holds or where and how you touch or get touch. This one girl and I were wrestling extremely rough and a lot of grabbing and groping was going on as we were grappling and wrestling with each other. We both had ** while wrestling but we kept on wrestling. After that we made out and satisfied any sexual desires that we had. We had fun and we will definitely do a lot more.

  • No raging erections . A lot of good wrestling only. Try it , you made like it.

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