I don’t let my daughter date black guys

I’m a 36 year old mother to two children one of which is 16 turning 17. She’s very into black guys but my husband and I refuse to let her date any of them. Now on the other hand I very much date black men and regularly hook up with as many as I can while my husband stays home and waits for me to get back.

Feb 28

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  • From another white American:

    You are 85% of what has been wrong with this country since Plymouth Rock, and I hope this whole country is brown by 2050. You guys are sick, ignorant, and broken, and you have no business running a hotdog stand, much less a country. If you can't see the humanity of someone with a different concentration of melanin in their skin, if you can't just be a decent g--d--n person to people in public, if you're so useless and fragile that you seriously think there is any systemic racism towards white people, then take your self-righteous BS over to Russia where you can live happily ever after with your hero, Vladimir Putin.

    Black people have ALWAYS been some of the best of this country. We enslaved them and used them like farm animals to build us nice, comfy lives that we are still enjoying; we robbed them of their culture, their families, their religion, their names, and we bought and sold them like cattle. WHITE MEN ROUTINELY ** FEMALE SLAVES AND SOLD THEIR OWN CHILDREN INTO SLAVERY. Black men fought for this country in WWII, and we thanked them with Jim Crow and the Tuskegee Airmen travesty. Now police are killing them in the f'ing street, and your bitter, hateful, cowardly a-- is still singing that same tired, old song about your precious white daughter being "dishonored" by a big, scary black man. THAT S--T DOESNT FLY ANYMORE, not with this white person, and not with many others in my area.

    White supremacy is going to be put down, and it's gonna be put down by OTHER WHITE PEOPLE LIKE ME. And then, once that's dealt with, we're going to do the right thing and MAKE REPARATIONS to the peoples that we have harmed. Until we do, our founding documents will always be nothing more than a lie, and I'm sick of living with a bunch of liars. If you fragile, petty ofays can't deal with that, then don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you, bigot.

  • You are a racist

  • What the **??? You sound like Joe Biden when he walks around talking and shaking hands with invisible people.
    Make reparations to the people we have harmed??? How many former slaves are alive to collect reparations? Who today in this country is or has been harmed by slavery.
    Not to mention the VAST NUMBER of black people that were sold into slavery in Africa, then transported to America... They were captured and sold into slavery by other black people.

  • Why keep your daughter from the joys of ** with a well endowed black man?

    You state that you enjoy your time with the best lovers God has created. Why keep your daughter from enjoying the same?

  • Once you go black you get herpes

  • That is so wrong and juvenile.

  • I’ve have gotten multiple stds from black guys. Also they statistically have a higher std rate

  • She will. When she is ready.

  • When will she be ready? I’m 51 and still quiver when I see a big strong black man about to shove his massive ** inside of me.

    As a matter of fact I’m getting wet just thinking about how it fills and stretches my kitchen. And how black men just seem to know how to drive a woman insane and how sad I feel when it’s over.

    Why keep her from the joy of the best ** on earth

  • I would agree with you. Do not let an immature white teen have ** with black men. Wait until she is mature enough to experience this without getting in trouble. From the time I was 25 to maybe 35 I dated and had ** with at least 50 different black men. With my husband present and without. If I were not mature enough and had a brain in my head i would have had a half dozen black babies in those 10 years. I was on birth control (the pill) but I quickly learned black guys hated using condoms on me and wanted ** raw and no pulling out. The first couple of guys seemed very disappointed when I told them I was on birth control. After I learned to tell them I "wasn't" on birth control and they could ** me it was a huge difference. They ** me like they were trying to kill me. If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of them say they were putting a black baby in my I would be rich.

  • So you treat black men like farm animals - got it.

  • And she's exactly the type of dummy who will try to tell us how she's not a racist. I'm so sick of these people.

  • I’m not racist

  • I’m not racist. I simply prefer to have ** with men having very large **.

  • I was always up front that anyone I met it was just "casual **". More like they thought of me as a farm animal to be used for breeding. And even though they loved the idea of possibly getting me pregnant I don't think a single one would have stepped up and if I had gotten knocked up.

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