I'm sick of the drug addicts everywhere

Most of us are just trying to get by or make the world a little bit better and yet everywhere I go, there they are; a bunch of belligerent, unstable, mean people who are convinced that the world is out to get them.
And you know what? Yeah! A lot of the world is out to get most of us. The economy is **, a lot of us have to work difficult, low-paid jobs, we can't afford housing, can't afford food sometimes.
But these people look at ALL of that and make it completely about themselves. They've suffered, they've done the hard yards, they're the ones that are owed something by the world. Do they help their neighbours or community in any way??? NO! They make life actively worse for everyone around them, making us all walk on eggshells in our communities so we don't set them off.
Okay so it's a disease?? Okay?? A disease they gave to themselves??? No one forced them to take the first hit. Everyone KNOWS these drugs are addictive. I'd get addicted if I ever tried heroin so I don't do heroin! They're all so desperate for any control of their lives they'll do whatever it takes to get the next hit.
And I feel the most for the people that have to deal with them at their lowest. Nurses, Paramedics, Mental Health Professionals; people that work to help everyone and are forced to put up with abuse and erratic fury at the world.
I'm sick of this **. I'm sick of everyone else having to deal with it.

Mar 2

Next Confession

I think every single ** pill should be destroyed

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  • Rain birds do t do drugs but they like to sick their own **

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