I think every single ** pill should be destroyed

...when the number of women getting **/sexually assaulted is a quarter of what it is today, a limited batch can be released. As long as the rates keep falling or at least don't rise again, a new batch would be released every year. When it's gone, it's gone until the next year.

Since men can't be bothered to give a ** about women's well-being if it inconveniences their precious penises, then they should be treated like children and grounded from their limp ** pills. Every time the fact that 25% of women in America has been **/assaulted is mentioned, all men can do is whine "bUt NoT ALL mEN!!" Instead of simply acknowledging the problem and maybe even asking women how they can help make things better, all these men can do is think of themselves - you know, the REAL victims.

When guys invoke the "NoT AlL mEn" ** in regard to sexual violence, they are doing nothing but protecting their hopes of one day "getting" to ** a woman if they have the opportunity. Period. End of story. It's ** disgusting and it's shameful the way most men are unable (or unwilling) to grant women even basic human courtesy and dignity, the way they can't even bring themselves to give a ** about ** (unless "their" woman was the victim) because they're homoerotically obsessed with being "manly." From what I see nowadays, that mostly involves video games, internet **, and crying on social media about how everything wrong in their world is women's fault.

So ya - ** their **. They dont deserve it. It should be gathered up and launched into space ib one of Bezos' cringey **-rockets. And besides: if pregnancies are "god's" will, then so are men's soft, shriveled **. It would ** not to be able to control your body and make your own decisions, wouldn't it?

If you're male and you don't like this, then why don't you ** DO something! BE BETTER!!!!!

Mar 2

Next Confession

Turns out that my sister had it right all along

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  • I’ll ** ** you

  • As the world turns, nobody is monkey beamed or booze soaked brain

  • 25% huh.. gee can't tell what news you watch!

  • There’s a rubber room waiting for your crazy **

  • Apply the same logic to makeup and yoga pants which falsify ugly fat cows into half decent looking chicks, all to falsely lure guys into thinking of these cows sexually. All under false environmental deception.

    Hope you don’t wear make up you vegan **.

  • All women are meant for breeding. Sorry but that biology. If you don’t want to be ** then stop dressing like ** and don’t put yourselves in situations like getting trashed out at clubs.

  • Whiney little **.... someone needs a spanking, LOL

  • I’d settle for a BJ

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