I may have feelings for my father

I think I have some feelings for my father. I love him as a daughter would her father. I have familial feelings for him, but sometimes I feel some kind of romantic, or quasi-romantic, feelings for him as well. He would never have romantic feelings for me or make advances, and I'm glad because I want him to see me as a daughter and I wouldn't want to risk our father-daughter relationship. But I wondered if these feelings are normal.

Mar 3

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  • Never heard of it! It happens by accident. The father doesn’t know he has a daughter and comes across her one day as a regular attractive women…if he ever discovers that he had ** with his own daughter that he didn’t know anything about… it would be drastic!

  • Normal.
    You might be surprised at how many dads have to deal with feelings when their 16 yr old walks by with a wedgie in her little bikini **! She's ** as ** - but off limits! The urge to love her in every way is just normal male response through our eyes.
    Men are so ** visual! It is a curse!

  • I've had a crush on my stepdad before my mom even married him. Now living with him is torture because I want him but he belongs to mom. I love to flirt with him and tell myself that is as far as I can rightfully go.

  • Do you think about him when you **?

  • Yes, I do. I try to think of other men, but I always end up thinking of my dad

  • How old are you? I think everyone at some point goes through that, wether that be sister, mom, dad etc. I know I did with both my mom and sis and did make advances. :)

  • You are normal. my wife (32 years of marriage in June) Absolutely loves to role play that I am a father to her. She simply wants to be sure that I (he) will always love her and never leave you. Freud was right. Spot on right.

  • I think you should tell him about your feelings. Couldn't hurt.

  • That's ok I have naughty thoughts about my daughter while I smell her stinky knickers

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