I wrestle with girls

I like wrestling with girls. Girls now know how to wrestle and they enjoy wrestling. Wrestling is a close imitate contact sport which makes the wrestling with girls even better. Do anybody else like to wrestle with girls. Tell us about it.

Mar 1

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  • My girlfriend and I like Indian leg wrestling the best. We have fun and there is nothing dirty or inappropriate with it. Actually the whole family does it at picnics and we just laughed at each other. Ton of fun

  • My girlfriend and I enjoy bike leg wrestling. You both lay on the ground and raise both of your legs in the air against the other person legs. On the count three you try to push them over. Nothing inappropriate but we enjoy it

  • My girlfriend and I will Indian leg wrestling, bike leg wrestling and wrestling. We are both 17 years old. We will wrestle each in front of our parents. It’s rough and tuff wrestling with a lot of different pins and holds being used. Nothing sexual or inappropriate. Nobody is upset. Now what dr do on the sofa or in z park car while making out is private between us. That’s the correct way to handle it.

  • I am a girl that likes to wrestle and enjoy wrestling with my boyfriend. Our wrestling is very exciting and extreme and physical but nothing sexual or inappropriate. I agree with the above our make out sessions on the sofa or floor or in a park car is a private matter between us,

  • I am a girl and I love to wrestle. I enjoy wrestling with my boyfriend to pin him down. It’s a great contact sport that can be very intense and imitate causing you to get extremely aroused and **. We both hold those feelings back until we are done wrestling. Than and only than do we rock each other’s world with extreme amazing hot ** wild ** and holding nothing back

  • I agree that you can wrestle for fun and in a appropriate manner and your making out is different from your enjoyment of wrestling

  • I love having amazing ** with my boyfriend but when we are wrestling it’s all girl power to pin his **. We might get aroused and ** from the close imitate contact but we are still wrestling for the pin

  • My girlfriend and I wrestle all the time. I had had the advantage in the beginning but now after a couple of years of wrestling each other she has become a good wrestler. If I pin her it’s because I made the right moves on her and is she pins me she was able to get into position to pin me. After our wrestling is over we usually go somewhere and make out and satisfy our sexual desires. All is good.

  • You sound like the way my girlfriend wrestles and make out session. She is one fine wrestler and a amazing lover

  • I love to wrestle with girls. All matches our extremely rough with a lot of hard wrestling being done. All different wrestling holds and positions are used but we also always wrestle with each other in a appropriate manner.

  • I do the same. I wrestle with two girls from my neighborhood and even though our wrestling is extremely competitive and tuff nothing inappropriate is done. It’s all clean and hard wrestling. These two gals can wrestle better than most boys. We have been wrestling now for years. We do not keep track of wins and losses but I know we are pretty evenly matched which is great. I do not get upset or mad if I get pinned because they are talented wrestlers.

  • I love to wrestle with my boyfriend and then having our private time with each other fulfilling our sexual desires with each other. We wrestle in public and sexual intimacy activities are private

  • I like wrestling my boyfriend also and getting him in siccsor holds or a grapevine hold. I love it that he must tap out . Girls can wrestle.

  • I totally agree. My girlfriend and I will wrestle in private or in front of our parents. We do nothing inappropriate nor do we have set. Yes we do get aroused and hot but you can not avoid that if you are in extremely intimate and close contact with each other. We most likely will ** while wrestling but we do not not let in about it. Our make out sessions can get very intense ** and hot and are not always appropriate but that’s between us to be careful

  • My boyfriend and I wrestle in front of both set of parents. We do nothing inappropriate or of a sexual nature. We do wrestle extremely rough with each other. Now we would give each other a kiss upon arriving or going home. We might kiss some watching tv but our make out sessions is a personal and intimate, and private just between the two of us.

  • Hi another girl here. I have been with my boyfriend for three years now. I love wrestling with him. I can pin in 3 out of every 10 matches. We wrestle extremely rough with a lot of close imitate contact. We do get aroused and will ** while we wrestle but we just keep going. After that we will drive to our secure and private location and have an amazing make out session. This satisfies our sexual desires.

  • I also agree 200% with that . My girlfriend and later my wife wrestle each other extremely rough all the time. We both enjoyed it. Our wrestling was done in front of our parents and nothing was inappropriate and they never told us to stop wrestling unless we got to close to an item and my get hurt. We would be aroused which is just a natural reaction. Now our make out sessions we’re not always appropriate but that was and is a private issue between us only

  • Yes us also. We like to wrestle and we love hot ** crazy **

  • My wife and I agree with you. Wrestle a lot and had fun. We wrestle in front of our parents. We did nothing wrong or inappropriate. We would get aroused and ** but we kept on wrestling. What we did while we were making out is a different story.

  • I am a woman and my husband and I wrestle while dating and still do in our marriage and Ed loved it. Yes both have gotten aroused and wet ourself while in the act of wrestling. After we wrestle we would do what needed to do to satisfy our ** hot wild sexual desires. These are two different things that we love doing together as a couple. Wrestling is fun as and hot ** ** is amazing

  • My wife and I still enjoy and love wrestling with each other. After 25 years of marriage the excitement is still there in trying to pin or get a submission on each other. We still get aroused with the close intimate contact but we just keep on wrestling. Later we will still have amazingly hot ** crazy passionate **. It just keeps getting better.

  • We my first two dates with my future wife she had a dress on. On our third date she was in tight jeans and a t shirt. She told me on our next date we will wrestle with each other. We did some extremely hard ruff wrestling with each other. We were rolling around grabbing and grappling with each. We were putting each other into many different holds and using different techniques on each other. We have been ** to ** in our jeans with each other. I have pinned her four times and she has one pin and two submissions on me. We are now in a grapevine hold with her on top and I grab her ** and she moans and I roll her over and I have her in a grapevine position now and we are both extremely ** and she taps out. We wrestle into a leg ** hold and we ** together grinding away on each other. We do this all the time now. Ruff and tuff wrestling and amazing extremely passionate ** hot **.

  • I am a woman that wrestles with her husband ruff and our ** is also hot and **. After many years of wrestling and ** we just can not keep our hands off of each other

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