Friends mom and dad

I have always flirted with my buddies mom since I was around nine, when I was 17 I was staying downstairs at my buddies parents, one morning I went upstairs for a shower and buddies mom came in the bathroom and opened the curtain and said she will only be a minute, then went pee and left I got out and wrapped a towel arounde and went downstairs, as I was looking in my drawers for clothes, naked, buddies mom came in and asked if I had any dirty laundry,I turned around and handed hery clothes, her eyes did not move off of my c*** , them she left ,I heard the washer start, them she came back in naked, she layer on my bed, the look of her nicely trimmed ginger bush got me hard right away! She started playing with her p**** and said I see you like what you see! I just stood there stroking my c***, I kneeled on the bed and put my head between her legs,she came within minutes, then I went to sticky c*** in her, and she said I have to f*** her from behind, and turned around, as I was f****** her, she was screaming, I always wanted you to f*** me! That got me pumping her even harder, as I was ready to c**,her husband walked in, I stood up as he was yelling wtf is going on here! She turned to him and said mark said he wanted to make your fanticy come true, I looked at her questionable, and she said, so you have to lick my p**** while Paul f**** your ass, I said sure,I'll try, so I went down on her soaking wet ginger p****,then I heard her say, yeah baby, f*** that tight ass, just then I felt him put lube in my ass, and felt the head of his c*** in my ass,it hurt like h***,but I just licked her p**** harder, then she said omg I'm going to c** again, and her husband started banging my ass harder. Ten seconds later we were all c****** together, then they got up and left, and nothing was ever said again about it.

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