Boy gets caught pleasuring himself - and spanked!

This is when my mom caught me "pleasuring myself". I had discovered that when I would lie on my belly and watch TV, I could rub my ** back and forth by shifting my hips back and forth, and it would get a little stiff. I liked how it felt, so I did it when I could. One time my mom saw what I was doing and said "Eddie - stop that or will spank you." I knew she meant business as I was 9 years old, and she had been spanked me dozens of times by now. So, I made sure I never did it when she was around.

One afternoon I was finishing my bath, and mom told me to let the water out of the tub and dry myself off. I decided that I would lie on my stomach in the tub and rub my ** back and forth on the floor of the tub - it felt really good. The problem was it felt so good that it distracted me, and I didn't hear mom come into the bathroom with my clothes. By this time, all of the water had drained out of the tub, so I really pushed it to the limit. She saw what I was doing, and she was horrified! She dropped my clothes and yelled "Eddie - NO! Stop that". Being caught right in the act, I immediately obeyed. She told me to get up and get of the tub. When I got up, I still had a little "evidence" sticking out.

Mom pulled me over to the toilet, shut the lid and told me to lie on top of it, like I did when she gave me an enema. I did, but it was really like leaning on it. She reached under both my armpits and pulled me forward so that my head was very far down on one side, and my legs/feet were dangling in the air on the other side. She told me not to move and gave me 3-4 smacks while she was standing over me. They really didn’t hurt too much, and she knew it. So, she bent over me and put her hand on my back to steady herself. She gave me another 3-4 smack and even though they were stronger than the first set, they weren’t strong enough. Now she squatted down and basically was close enough to me that she could kiss my **. She put her left arm across my lower back to steady herself and gave me another 3-4 smacks. These really hurt and she knew it. She said, “now you are going to get it.” She gave me another “machine gun” spanking. When she started, I jerked my legs up and tensed all my muscles. Then I went into a trance and completely went limp and numb. She kept spanking me until she couldn’t stay in this position anymore, but it was for a very long time. Mom said, “Good boys do not do things like that with their piggy”. (Piggy was what she taught us to use for **). With her other hand, mom spanked my ** which was still wet – lucky me! She smacked me non-stop for a few minutes. She was perfectly positioned to give me an earth-shattering spanking. It sounded so loud you could hear it outside as the windows were open. She kept saying “BAD BOY!” as she spanked.

It was so weird because even though the pain shot down my legs and up my back and my ** were completely on fire - both my checks and dead center, my ** kept getting stronger and harder! I was actually enjoying it. When she was finished, she told me to get up, but I really couldn't move for a few minutes. When I did get up with my ** she made me sit on the toilet seat, with the cover down, while she lectured me about how naught I was. To be honest with you, I don’t remember a thing that she said. She let me go and I was able to run into my room and jump onto my bed, on my side. Mom came made it and made me lie on my back so the punishment would linger on. It did – for quite a while! The only thing I can remember is thinking “this little piggy got me spanked.” This best describes how I was trying to “discover” my sexuality and my mom saying “no way, you’re going to remain my baby” by spanking my bare, wet ** on the toilet! I felt like a 4-year-old when she was done.

Looking back, I’m glad my mom gave me the absolute best spanking I ever heard of!


Mar 5

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I (adult woman) saw a boy got kicked in the ** and laughed

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  • You were in the bathroom with the medicine cabinet, I'm sure it had mentholated vapor rub in it. SHE SHOULD HAVE RUBBED SOME ON YOUR SPANKED ** SO IT WOULD BURN FOR HOURS!

  • My mom caught me at 14 and talked to me about what I was doing. She was divorced and single since I was 8 and I think she was really lonely. She offered to show me how to ** off and I said yes. She jerked me off for 2 years till I got my first gf and we never talked about it again

  • My wife and I believe in abstinence and self control. We both agreed our son would be raised to not **. When he began puberty she said to me that I needed to lead by example and not have any sexual relief. It was really tough for the first few months but I've now become used to it. Haven't had an ** in 6 years. Our son has never masturbated. He's always supervised. We have a nany cam in his room.

  • She never grabbed your piggy at all? Spanked it?

  • No, the only thing she touched was my bare ** by smacking it for a long time!

  • Dude

  • Yeah I know!

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