Fake love I’m using for my art.. I guess

This is about my break up and the way I feel about it.
(English is a complementary language for me, and naturally I may have some flaws. I hope it’s clear enough) please share your thoughts:
People does things for “significant” others, give stuff, share moments, say they have special feelings.
And then it all doesn’t mean a thing.
They lie, their “forever” is about 3 months and you aren’t exclusive at all.
I would prefer; “you know, I’m not into serious stuff, is it all right for you?”.
Faking love, spitting hollow words, letting you “become” part of their life just to replace you and kick you off like it was nothing… is despicable.
I’ve had my experiences to write about. This one is the last so far:
In my notebook, the last time we met, I got a note from her;
“Maybe in the future, once I get myself better, we could be together.
It’s you against the world, I know you can make it alone.”
In that short period we shared, she lied since day 1
Our first date was quite interesting.
I opened myself a lot, and I thought she did it too. We had fun, talked about many topics. Apparently, the “match” we made, turned into a personal connection.
Well, letting my heart take the lead was not a great idea.
She said before; “it’s us against the world”,

Mar 10
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  • Maybe you are just really bad in bed?

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