Went from sub to dom

I use to be a very submissive girl. I married young and my husband was extremely dominant to the point I could never say no even if it meant him selling my body to other men. I was his play toy for years and had me do things I really enjoyed as well as things I cried hours over including actually raping me multiple times. It took me a while but now the tables have turned and the only s** he has is me pegging him until he stops moving and just lies there. At that point I know he’s feeling helpless and I know he knows how it feels to be forced into something you don’t want.

19 days

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  • So what's the problem? Your husband's personality changed, that's all. I've been married for almost 20 years and I let my friends have s** with my wife whenever they want. Sometimes I watch and sometimes not. They have my wife do things their own wives refuse to do, like a*** and oral s**. Sometimes she doesn't like it, but she does it anyway. It's no big deal.

  • I like forcing my wife. She's given up and just does whatever I make her do. I humiliate her and take her sexually.

  • I had a girlfriend several years ago who allowed me to rape her several times. To be honest I don't know if she enjoyed it or not, but she allowed it. During the rapes I would physically abuse her and it was the only time I sodomized her. During our normal s** life she disliked and would not do a***. Over a period of maybe 2 years I raped her at least a dozen times.

  • My wife and i married young,i was 21 and she was 20.She was very submissive to me and wanted to please me.She had her First Holy Communion outfit still from when she made it at 15 in the class of 2nd graders.She showed me photos of her in her communion outfit and she looked just like a little girl! She wore a poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees,communion dress and veil with lace socks and white mary jane shoes and under her dress she had a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants just like the little girls wore.I would have her put the outfit on and she would act like a little girl.Then i would kiss her,then i would unzip her communion dress and pull it off of her,then force her to her knees and make her give me a b******. After she swallowed my load,i would take her plastic pants and diaper off of her and carry her to our bedroom,put her on our bed and rape her.She liked it and would o*****.

  • Next step, tie his wrists and stuff a rubber ball in his mouth.

  • My wife controls our s**. I am a guy. I'm submissive. I like to help and support people. S** was initially more driven by me because I think we both thought that was the way it was supposed to be. But she was miserable. At various times she said she felt like she had to perform or she had obligations to give me s** and that meant she didn't get turned on.

    So I suggested then how about we take a break from s**. After some false starts where she'd do s** but it would be in the context that she thought I needed release and so it was still obligation s** and so ended with us both feeling down, we agreed on no s** for 6 months.

    It was really tough in a physical way but we also tried hard to do intimate things more consciosly. Like before mariage. Holding hands. Kissing and so on.

    At the end of the 6 months we did s** again. For me, who had not e********* for that time, it was actually painful.

  • We then set off again agreed the 6 months had been so good.

    In that first 6 months, there were times when I asked her for s** but she'd say, see you're pressuring me. Or you're stronger than that. When we got to the end of that second 6 months she said it's been 6 months. Thank you for not pressuring me would I like to do s**.

    I said, I really wish it was something you could enjoy. I was hoping that by my not asking that you'd feel free to get aroused.

  • Did you give up right away when raped

  • I just lied there waiting for him to be done and would shower crying.

  • That's like my wife. I just say that we are having s** tonight and she lies there on her back, I put some lube on, push in and c**. Then I put a small towel between her legs and lie beside her. Some times I will play with her t*** or suck on them or even do her anally. She never gets turned on. She just lies there dead fish like.

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