Mommy creams boy’s **.

When I was about 8 years old, I developed a serious skin infection as a result of swimming in a neighbor’s dirty pool. I had it for a few days, especially in my ** area. One day after taking a bath I was sitting in a chair in the living room in my robe. Mom walked by and saw the rash on my upper leg. She told me to open up the robe so she could see. In that I am a boy I was a little embarrassed but let her take a look. She was horrified and asked me how long I had it, and I answered a couple of days. She told me to get dressed and she took me to the Urgent Care Center. They were very nice and prescribed an antibiotic cream, which mom had to apply all over my body – including ** and my **.

For about 7 days I would strip naked 2– 3 times a day, and mom would put the cream on my chest, stomach, legs, and then my back and my **. (It was like getting diaper creamed!). She did this in her bedroom while she was sitting on her bed and I was standing up in front of her. Every day she would comment on how much worse this could have gotten because I hid it from her, and I should have known better than to keep going into a dirty pool. She was very motherly and loving and took her time when she very slowly rubbed every in of me -especially my **. I think we both really enjoyed the whole experience. I was sad to see that the cream was getting empty so I figured it wouldn’t be long before all this was over. I missed it when she stopped doing it.

Mar 11

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  • She possibly did enjoy it. I started a sexual relationship with my stepmother at the age of 16 years after the loss of my dad. 34 years later and we are still having regular and amazing ** together. We've managed to keep it from other family members, which makes it even more fun.

  • Go back to that dirty pool

  • She said she'd spank me if I ever went back!

  • Did she spread ur cheeks and cream ur crack 2?


  • Bet her ** were hard when she creamed you

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