My taste in girls

From my earliest recollections I have been attracted to girls. Starting with Suzie in fourth grade, and nothing has changes since. I joined a gym next to a college campus because I like looking at fit girls, I don't like older women, about 21 and that's it. I keep myself very fit, and smooth. I love women with nice t***, but not too big, and a smooth very feminine front. I do like pushing a girl over and looking up her ass, at a nice pink flower and a nice tight p****. Sorry, but I just cannot get flaps or p****** that can't stay together. I'm visual.

I met this Hispanic girl, Rosie, who is fit like I am and she's smooth, has a nice lovely p**** and all, but she's dark down there, dark ass and dark inside. I expect girls to be pink on the inside and when it comes to their butt flower, pink is better, I have never been able to find a dark butt attractive. I know I'm being irrational and I should like the girl first and her p**** second but it's not like that.

Pink flower, pink p****, fit, pretty face in that order.

15 days

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