I let a cop feel me up

I was out to lunch with a policeman who works at our courthouse.
He'd been flirting with me like crazy - and he knew he was pretty hot I guess.
He liked to embarrass me with some of the stuff he said to me. Liked to see me blush.
Sooo, this day I was feeling kinda flirty right back - and tired of being thought of as a kid. (I'm 23~!)
So - he made a crack about my panty lines. "How come I don't see any panty lines when you wear those tight slacks?"
I said, "Because I don't want any panty line to show - so I don't wear any ** if the pants are really tight, like these....!"
He said, "I do not believe you would come to work in the courthouse with no ** on! I can't see little you doing that!"
We were walking to his car....and I said, "see for yourself!" as I unzipped my slacks behind his car door and turned my back to him!
He put his hand down the back of my slacks and got a big handful of my bare bottom - squeezed me and said, "Yeah, you've got a thong on don't you?!"
I took his hand out of the back and slid it into the ** of my pants, "No I don't, feel for yourself, smarty!"
He pushed me back against his car and started getting really worked up....and after he fingered me and got us both wet - I took his wrist and pulled his hand out and as I zipped my slacks up I told him he needs to treat me more like "the woman he just felt-up - than some kid!"
I also never went on a date with him again. He was too darn full of himself.

Mar 17

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Hey Muhich, Rot in **!

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  • At 27 one night, I was pretty looped when I went down a one-way street in a small Ohio village. A young cop pulled me over. I'd just come from a pool party and was wearing my one-piece suit - which was cut WAY up on my thighs and was really tight in my bottom - between my cheeks after an hour of driving.
    He kept staring down at my thighs in my car - then politely asked me to step to the back of my car. When I took those few steps to my back bumper - he was getting an eye-full of my back bumper! and I let him enjoy it by not picking my suit out of my ** cheeks! (a girl knows how to do these things) We chatted for a long time - with his pencil poised over his book - he was so sweet - gave me a verbal warning and asked for my phone # ! Glad I wore that suit!

  • This reminded of the time I got out of a ticket.
    It was mid 90s, I was 19 or 20 at the time and was driving home. I lived outside of Asheville, NC and commuted each day to school. I was driving my dad's 1989 mustang convertible with the top down on a two lane curvy road. In a blind curve there was a trooper sitting with his radar gun in a the pull off. I immediately knew I was busted. He turned on his blue lights and I pulled off in a vacant church parking lot because the road is so narrow that's the only safe place to pull off.
    I'm 5' 3" and slim. I'm a 32B so I had to wear a push up bra with a low cut crop top. It was stylish for the bra so show back then. I was wearing a denim mini skirt with pink lace **.
    He looked down into the car and told me I was going 66 mph in a 35 mph zone and driving barefoot is also illegal. He gave me the safe driving speech and was about to write a ticket. I acted scared. I told him I live 10 miles away and grew up driving this road all my life. I raised my right leg so he could get a view up my skirt and I told him I'd just got a French pedi and didn't want to ruin it. I showed him my heels and told him I feel safer driving barefoot. I asked if he'd like me to get out of the car and so I can put my heels on and show him. I think he knew I was flirting to get out of trouble and told me to stay put. He ran my license and told them he'd pulled me over for 40mph in a 35mph. Since I was familiar with the road and had a clean record, he was allowed to issue me a verbal warning. lol

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