My early experiences

There was a time when ** was on paper, there was no internet. In those days you had to be discreet, reading ** was considered dirty. I had a friend, whose father had a friend, etc. You get it, no source given. He had **, black and white pictures of men, some close ups of their **, others obvious poses. But naked men, that's what I liked and he let me borrow it. I could sit in my room and ** off to a picture of some man from long ago.

I don't really know why pictures of naked women or girls weren't interesting. Seeing my little sister naked was oh, she doesn't have a **. But going to the public restroom and seeing men take out their ** and pee, that was reason enough to go to the movies.

This one man, he looked old, but who knows peed slowly letting me see. When he finished he turned to me and showed me his **, and asked me if I wanted to shake it for him. Nervous and scared I took his ** and shook it. He laughed and told me he would show me how it was done, he got behind me and held my ** in his hands and humped hard against me, until he came and I went back to my seat with his ** still wet on my shirt and pants.

He went to the matinee movies, when he saw me he would sit near me. When I went to the bathroom he followed. I had to stand beside him and hold his ** while he peed, shake it and then ** it. He held my ** and humped me, he kissed me and one day pushed my pants down so he rubbed his ** against my bare bottom. His ** was hard and he poked me in the **.

It was only later that I figured out that when he followed me into the bathroom that he locked the door behind him. That's where I learned to kiss and to hold and ** a **. That's where I learned how much I like having my ** played with and sucked. And how much I liked being humped, although I never had penetration. That wouldn't happen much later, at a different place and a different man.

Mar 31

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