I grew up late 60's in a tenement house with 3 floors the owners (old cpl ) lived downstairs and my mother and I on the second the 3rd floor was to small for a cpl..so it stayed vacant most of the time.
I lost my Virginity ( at a young age ) to the boy next door( my boyfriend) his name is Mike and one Saturday he came over and him and i snuck downstairs where all the washing machine and driers were ...and of course we got naughty i sucked his ** then i bent over and he had a rubber and finally found my ** and slowly pushed it all the way in ( that hurt like the dickens) we managed to ** quite often with rubbers ..but soon after that happened i couldn't stop from finding things to ** ...you name it i was ** it and getting off ..life was very good.. then it changed i went over Mikes house and he wasn't there only his older brother Jack and he said mike was at practice for the weekend game. and maybe he could entertain me till then ..i didn't understand that but i figured he meant company..to ake a long story short ..he was the first big ** i had and the first ** shot i swallowed ..i couldn't stop wanting it ..if they had rubbers i ** them including two of my grade school teachers that gave me Awesome grades... i still stayed friends with Mike ..but it was Jacks huge ** that i wanted most of the time ..until he left for college ...then when i left for college things changed i tried staying away from ** but the girls would invite me to parties where gang bangs would occur very frequent ...but not being on birth control i would stay away....2 girls ended up not returning due to pregnancies i graduated and i mostly sucked ** unless there was a condom....i'm a grand mother now and my husband and i own a small but profitable business.. i was never sorry my first ** was at a young age ..i enjoyed ** after it happened and i still manage to get off on my own every so often ......

Apr 4

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