Female Teacher Brings Girls In Men's Showers

I was taking a shower after a work out at the gym, When a female staff member from the gym and a teacher from the girls school came in with about 5 female students asking if I minded them being there, telling me that they’re sorry their have to use the men’s as the female locker room is out off use at the moment as there is a problem with it. So we have to change and shower with you before going back to the school. Don't worry about being naked with the girls or them with you, they seem not to mind look they are already striping off. I'm sure we all seen naked men and women before. with that their all come in and showed with and next to me.
No seemed to take any notice or care

Apr 5

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  • Most are too hung up on **. It’s natural

  • I totally agree with you.
    It's perfectly normal and natural thing be ** or naked with others be it family and friends or even strangers. No one cares or takes any notice

  • I would have become erect and fondled the girls until at least one gave me release

  • Have some respect and discipline.

  • I do. I would respect all the girls Infondled and especially the one that gave me a handy.

  • No teacher would do that. But then again in this upside down world, maybe they did. Must be from California or NYC.

  • No im from the UK, we're more relaxed and open to ** in Europe.

  • I masturbating fantasy, but fun

  • Did you get a woodie?

  • No, ** is perfectly normal and natural thing and isn't sexual or a big deal be it with family and friends or even strangers. No one cares or takes any notice really.
    The girls had a mix or excitement and part shyness.

  • Sure thing pal. I guess you'd be ok with a male teacher taking a group of boys into the women's showers too?

  • Yeah - sure. That's when you yell at that teacher to get the ** out of your shower and report her to the authorities.

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