I went into the men’s changing room at the gym

I’m a very young looking 20yo single girl with a slim body flat chest and boyish looks. One day at the gym I was using a cross trainer dressed in baggy sweats and baseball cap when a hunky muscular guy next to me looked over and said hi sonny. He looked to be mid fifties I thought god he thinks I’m a boy. Being curious and having never seen a man naked I waited until he left and headed for the Showers. After about 5 minutes I plucked up the courage and followed him into the male changing area to pretend to wash my hands. OMG he was naked in the communal showers and when he heard the door he turned his head and said oh just the boy will you wash my back, offering me the shower gel. I shook my head. He replied come on get in your all sweaty. He then turned and I gasped at the size of he p***s it was hanging down half way to his knee and thicker than my arm
Come on get stripped I have a spare towel on my bag he said. At that he approached me and said what you staring at we are the same naked aren’t we. He then put his hand between my legs and stated so where’s your c**k. He yanked my bottoms and panties down the claimed FFS your a girl. I was so h***y by now. Well we can solve this in one of two ways. I call the manager or you lay on the massage table for me. Needless to say he took my v*r****y and used me like a ragdoll. It was an amazing experience but I never went back to that gym.

Apr 6

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  • I have been asked to suck four different men in the gym showers, all have had a semi, and seen me with a semi, staring at them. It always happens at lunchtimes when the gym empty, now the guy on the reception knows I am submissive and wants a play date.

  • Marcel Shihadeh now you're a trans larping as a little-girl wannabe. Man, the f*** is wrong with the Middle East.

  • Such a bullshit story! That would never happen,...Ever! Who makes up stories like this? Do you honestly think people believe this s***? At least make it kind of believable. No dude has ever asked me to wash his back! If he had, he would probably get his ass kicked or be tossed out of the gym. What a Crock!

  • Also the post lost me with his d*** hanging flaccid 1/2 way down to his knees and thicker than an arm.

  • This is Marcel Shihadeh who won't leave confessionpost.com

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