New gf is a nudist

My new gf is 18 and she and her parents are home nudists so the 1st time she met my parents I asked if it was ok if she stripped, they agreed and my dad couldn’t stop staring

The following week I went to meet her parents and told my gf I was willing to go naked to respect their lifestyle. However once naked and seeing her mother ** I got an ** and seconds later I climaxed with her mother watching

We laugh about it now

Apr 9

Next Confession

Parents may know about my feederism

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  • You shot your load just from seeing your GF's mother naked? **, dude how long do you last when having ** with her daughter...five seconds?

  • M 11yo boy ani first c** when i was 9 and half .and i really want to sniff girls bums it has got really bad and im getting hard nearly all day in my classes at school what can i do

  • Your GF might be worried that her mom is so hot you busted your nut just looking at her!

  • What about her Dad? Does he have a huge **?

  • Sounds just like my family! Durka durka Mohammed Jihad! Bomb my house!

  • That’s funny.

    Did your dad get hard looking at your GF?
    If I were he, I’d give her a long, warm welcome hug each time she arrived or was departing b

  • I get hard looking at my favourite camel. I like to kiss my camel in the mouth and then ride it backwards!

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