Parents may know about my feederism

My boyfriend and I found out we had feederism at young ages, he found out a few years before me, and he is the reason I found out I have it. Me and him met through mutual friends, and we both were very imaginative people (we still are). The mutual friends we had liked to write and so did we(it was just writing for fun, nothing that could or would be published, and none of us cared about mistakes if we were still able to read it), that’s what we originally had in common. His story he had been writing had feederism as a big topic, as some characters he had written were very against it, and two of them had feederism (both female, a feedee and a feeder). Me and him got closer after a few months, and I trusted him more than anyone else I had known. After almost a year, I found out I had feederism, and a while after that, we both told each other. At this point, I still don’t know all what I am into, so I went onto incognito on google and searched some things up. (It’s good to note that my mother has settings so she can see certain things on my phone, I’m unsure what all she can see, but she cannot see what I search up and she cannot see messages, but she can see what apps I want to download and has to approve of them, and I’m pretty sure she has some other things, but not completely sure.) After searching for a bit, I was scrolling on google and accidentally clicked on the hub. I am on the acexual spectrum, and I am not a big fan of **(at all), and I am ** repulsed, so I immediately clicked off of the site. After I clicked off, google said that I may have gotten viruses. I believe my mother may have gotten an alert about this, if so, how should I tell her I have feederism, and if I don’t, what should I tell her?

Apr 8

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  • You don't "have feederism". You "practice" or take part in feederism. Feederism is a sexual fetish it's not some kind of disease that you contract... You can just have it like a cold.

  • Perhaps you should become obsessed with wrestling rather than leading your gf to the trough.

  • I lead my camel to the oasis then I wayp it you can send your GIs to kill my wife and wayp her corpse durka durka durka

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