Truthor dare

Recently a woman made a lot of money confessing her involvement in Mormon soft swinging, soaking and selling nudies of her [**] self on the internet. I have a comment on that and on alleged premarital ** celibacy. First off, a local Mormon woman, Darla, the wife of a radio personality used to regularity come over to our house to use our hot tub and have ** with us... mostly with my wife... Further we actually were invited to three Mormon orgies, one near Buffalo and two at a hotel near Hill Cumorah. All three were packed with allegedly religious persons having quite the time. We attended but did not participate. In short, the woman's alleged "expose" I think was more of a disinformation plot to hide the real extent of the orgies, than an actual news story. Many Mormons moved into the ** Lakes area of New York, into new communities of $350,000-$600,000 condos, town houses and homes because Utah's housing has gotten very expensive. New York has the biggest gap in wealth from rich to poor of any state. So, you can guess that the ** goers are at the high end of the scale. A young employee of mine quit her job to move into a lake condo... and become a prostitute. In that same municipality, which is predominantly Mormon [the town's name means "The Chosen Place", a newly arrived immigrant man was arrested for keeping a stable of prostitutes [all local women] aged 18 to 60... 30 of them!... So I think that as a closed community, the Mormon's secret lives, is that of drinking, secret ** parties, and social and economic ** [as well as ** in general..] in an environment closed to outsiders. So, while the married expose lady made a fortune, I sit here with my roof leaking in four places, trying to figure out how to pay for a new roof, and pay off a family member's bogus $30,000. claim on my home, and look out at my rusty 39 year old truck and say to myself... WTF... is there no justice?

Apr 11

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Wife only wants **

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