3 some with next door couple

I was working in my yard when the guy next door came over to chat. He and his wife are over weight and unattractive. I'm not anything special as far as women are concerned. I'm single and don't have any women so when he came by he asked me to have s** with his wife while he watched I readilly agreed. I cleaned up and went over, his wife was very into me having s** with her. I kissed her and tried to make her feel desired, although she kind of grossed me out, she was very clean and smelled nice. As I played the usual s** routine on her b****** and rubbing her v***** with my hand I slowly went down on her giving her oral s**. The next thing I know the husband comes over and wants to have intercourse with her while I'm giving her oral.I made room for him and when he pulled out I started giving him head, never thought I'd ever do that. She now asked me to just give him head while she watched and masturbated in front of us. The guy blew his load in my mouth which I quickly spit out and he started giving me head with his wife. I stopped him and made him watch me have intercourse with his wife.It went on for a few minutes and she wanted him to watch her giving me head. She was amazing, best ever for me. I made her stop when I was getting ready because I wanted to e******** in her v*****. Being we're all older, there was no pregnancy issues to cope with. I went in her and pounded her as hard as I could and let my load go deep in her. Now her husband wanted to give me more head but I had nothing left to stay hard or to spew, I gave it all to his wife. I have to admit it was fun, my first threesome ever. They asked if I would like to do it again and I agreed, I'd love to. So now I wait and continue to m********* the image of his wife's big hairy bush in my mouth, she tasted good for an old fat ugly woman, her bush was the hairiest I've ever encountered, I loved it and can't wait to do her again but I'm not into doing or getting from the husband. It was different doing a guy but definitly not my thing, but it did satisfy my curiosity of a p**** blowing a load in my mouth.


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  • What the f***...

  • Wow, thats hot, i wish i had kinky neighbors like that, let us know if your get more from then

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