I am a f6 year old christian girl. I

I am a f6 year old christian girl. I get good grades...most of the time. And i hit on my crush. Until recently. I don't know what's happening but i have this friend and she looks so hot. I want to do things with her. Things ive never even done. I dont know what to do. should i tell her. id be a lesbian! how would i tell my parents? i dont kno what to do...

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  • Sweetheart don't listen to those idiots who call it wrong. My oldest daughter is gay and she could not be a more wonderful person. It doesn't make you a bad person honey. It makes you normal. Everyone is bisexual whether or not they admit it. Its natural to be attracted to your same s**. You're not different, they (religious people) just won't admit their own sexuality. Maybe you're gay but probably not, but if you are it's nothing to be ashamed of. Be yourself honey. You may have to keep it to yourself and your lover(s) but do what makes you happy girl. We only get one shot at life. Make it count for you. Do what you like.

  • God created man and woman to be married. But the world says "to h*** with God". God says to respect the government he has placed, but the world says "to h*** with God". God says no to homosexuality, adultery, abortion, theft, taking his name in vain, disrespecting parents, lying, cheating, gluttony, rape, murder, and a bunch of other bad things, and the world says "to h*** with God".

    Some smart alecks will obviously respond to my comments by saying "to h*** with you". I'm an adult. I can handle that.

    But what you need to know is that there is a God, and even though our minds have been influenced by the world so that we say it's OK to be homosexual and to experiment with our sexual orientation, it's a lie. God does not approve of it, just like he doesn't approve of adultery, p**********, cursing, and so many other things that society has approved.

    There will be a time of reckoning, a time of judgment, and a time when the truth of God's existence is fully revealed. But he holds back his judgment because he is merciful. Turn to Jesus and find out that he loves you and wants to forgive you.

    To the Christian girl, talk to your pastor if you have one, and ignore the lies of the world posted by the above commenters, except #3.

    I'm not a pathetic, close-minded conformist or a scared confused child either. I'm just a person whom God showed his existence to, and I'm just telling you that the Bible, his Word, is true. He does have standards. There is a right or wrong of God's that society cannot overrule.

  • Remember: Whether you are a lesbian or not...you are still a good girl!

  • Don't listen to that pathetic, close-minded, conformist. That person is a scared, confused child who cannot except difference because it causes them to question their own beliefs. People like that need everything to be the same with no questions asked. The years you are living right now are meant for experimentation. They are meant to discover who you are, NOT WHO OTHERS TELL YOU TO BE. The more you learn about yourself and the more you accept, the more you will love yourself. Don't let others tell you to hate yourself; to completely love yourself, you must love EVERY PART. There is nothing you did wrong, it is more natural than you think. Just be happy and make those mindless sheep feel like the outcasts, they're just jealous of your freedom.

  • have s** with her

  • So your saying she should live a lie??? Maby you should try it your self and see how it goes! Im not to keen about being told im full of s***, but what the h***. lol

  • i think those people are full of s*** pull your head out of your ass she is a girl and so are u those don't go together so if you are a christian then you will forget that stupidity you typed and forget the thoughts of being a lesbian

  • I think u should tell her, if she is a true friend she'll understand it.. And who knows maybe she has the same feelings but at least u will never question what if..

  • Take your time theres no rush. You know deep down who you are. Dont fear. In time you will find you place in the world.

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