dear God, i am angry. angry at you

dear God,

i am angry. angry at you. i can't see you but i have felt your presence so i know that a greater power exists.

i just want to know why.

why does my life have to be so hard.

if you can put an end to all the sickness and suffering how come you refuse?

this angers me. not knowing.

my faith use to be strong.
but i am swallowed whole by depression.

God i don't understand your purpose or even my purpose.

i don't want this life, so forgive me if i opt out of the game.

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  • I am sorry for your pain and suffering. Even though I don't know you, I really offer to you my sympathy and empathy.

    Borrowing from Christian pastor and author, Rick Warren (of "The Purpose-Driven Life" book fame), he says that life is all about preparation for eternity. It's not just about enjoying the good life here and now, but it's about getting ready for the eternal future that awaits all of us.

    And when it comes to trials, difficulties, and sufferings, God allows them, as the previous commenter above said, to test, develop, and strengthen us. Why does God do that? To build our character and to strengthen us for future service. For example, it deepens our character so that we can better help others in this lifetime.

    You might ask, "Well, who is God to do that? Who does He think He is, God?" I'm being a little facetious but I hope you get the point. Yes, indeed, He is God and He calls the shots. But He is really loving as well, despite what it may look like. Mature faith can accept that God is both loving and also the one who allows us to face trials, extreme even.

    Back to Rick Warren, he says that either we just got out of a trial/problem, or we're in one now, or else one's coming up. They're there to develop and refine us. Warren also said he used to see life as mountains and valleys where we have our ups and downs in life, but now he thinks of life as a railroad track where on one rail we have the trials and difficulties and on the rail we have the joys and blessings of life and they run parallel. So though I don't mean to minimize your suffering, surely there are blessings in your life you could count as well? Friends, family, food, clothing, shelter, etc.? They're from God!

    I hope your faith can be strong and stronger during this time.

  • First of all God doesn't cause our suffering or pain. He does in turn allow the devil to have certain reign to test our faith. It would be easy and not require any faith to serve someone who makes everything right all the time. Plus there are many different factors that go into the sufferings of this world. There are three main reason suffering exist.
    A. Test comes to make us stronger. God allows us to go through certain situations so that he can develope us into better Christians, much like a coach does to his athletes. If a coach was always easy on his player and never made them sweat, work hard, and endure hardship then they would never get any better. The same with God he helps us become better people by teaching us how to still live right when things are going wrong. That way when things go right we will appreciate them.
    B. Some things we bring on ourselves. The principles of God don't change, so when his Word says you reap what you sow that's exactly what it means. And no matter how small the bad thing is that we did, we have to pay for it. And it always comes back worse than what was dished. Just like if you plant an apple seed. You may only plant one or two seeds but when that tree manifest it is produces much more than just one or two apples.
    C. Disobediance. When we dont do what God requires of us then he punishes us. It's the exact same as when a parent punishes a child for not cleaning his room. The parent punishes the child because he loves him and want's to teach him how to be a clean person. Not becuase they don't care. If the parent didn't care they would let the child keep the room any he wanted. That's how God does us. He uses these trials and hard times to help us better prepare for life with Him when we die.

    But don't be discouraged. Many christians ask the same type of questiosn you asked here. It's normal to get down sometimes when you see all of the craziness that in our world. Just know that God is still in control.

  • Go serve God by helping others and be thankful you were born in a country unlike mexico, Iraq, cuba etc. Stop feeling sorry for yourself only you are resposible for making yourself happy.

  • yeha but if theyre was a god, how come when i began to believe in him, my life went crap and my brother and my sister got everything out of life that i could ever hope for. why did the church personals discourage me (well not openly) not to come ?!

  • ^Ignore this special brand of j****** fanatical atheism is just as narrowminded and ignorant as the fanatical bible thumpers.
    Whether or not you believe, you just have to keep going. Simple as that.

  • This is because there is no god. Get over it, and do things for yourself instead of trusting the giant invisible magic man in the sky to guide you, dumbass.

  • Maybe that "greater power" is in YOU. It can be hard to change things, but it CAN be done. And yeah, a lot of life sucks, but sometimes that helps us appreciate the parts that don't.

    Sorry you're so bummed out. But there are people like yourself who have gotten through it and would be happy to talk to you.

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