I want to get a black woman pregnant.

I am white and for my whole life, my dad has made racial slurs towards many different ethnicities. Black people being the most targeted. When I was younger and I would ask him for help with something, he would respond with, "What do I look like to you? Your g*****n n****r slave?" Or, If I asked him where he got something he bought he would say that he "got it from a n****r running down the alley." He once called me a p***h m****y and then asked me if I knew what that was. He then said it was a n****r and he laughed at me. I wanted to punch him in the face for that. My dad detests rap music even though rap is performed by different ethnic groups. Vanilla Ice is white but my dad can't stand rap music no matter what color the performers skin is. As far as my dad is concerned all rap music is "n****r music" and the only thing black people rap about is doing drugs, killing people and r*ping women. My dad once wouldn't let me watch the movie Pootie Tang and even said that "all black people are the same. Nothing more then a bunch of cold blooded murderers who want to see nothing more then the extinction of the entire white race." that I need to understand that "blacks think they're the majority and whites are the minority." I've grown so sick of my dad's hypocrisy and ignorant beliefs that now I want to find and impregnate a black woman so that not only my dad will end up with a biracial grandchild, but also, deep down inside, I can make sure that my dad realizes that I don't follow his racists beliefs. I've only gone so far as kissing one black girl when I was 16 and another black girl who is my coworker who not only let me kiss her but touch and kiss her bare b**asts. But, now I want to take it farther and get a black woman pregnant just so I can p*ss my dad off to no end and have him spend the rest of his life knowing that he's now a grandfather to a mixed-race baby.

Apr 18

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  • If you want to, go for it. He's most likely not going to do anything, and if he don't like it f*** him, life's too short and it's your life, do what you want to do. And there's a chance he change and becomes not racist if you do and if he don't f*** him. Just let your partner know first and try to it work out at first.

  • Also will you please give us an update if you decide to date a black woman

  • My dad always said horrible racist stuff too. He sounds like he's set in his ways. Nothing is going to change him. A piece of ** will always be a piece of **. Maybe he will change his way of thinking or maybe he won't if he had biracial grand children. It would be a 50/50 chance at changing. You can control what you do but not what someone else does. They have a saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

  • Totally agree with you

  • Your Father is a super Hero! my kind of guy.

  • Racists guys like him and you make me sick to my stomach and you shouldn't even be allowed to exist.

  • It sounds like his dad is racist but not him. He just wants his dad to have biracial kids just so his dad will have a change of heart about black people but I don't see how that would be a guaranteed thing.

  • I meant grand kids.

  • That's thing about my dad though, he'll never change his mind about black people. Plus, I'd want to have a biracial child to spite my dad's ignorant bigotry.

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