I'm having an affair with a married man. I'm infatuated with him and maybe in love with him, I know his address, his wife's name and where she works - I could find her and tell her and ruin their marriage. They have two kids,

The possibility haunts me every night.

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  • dont do it if you think he will come to you after his wife kicks him out, it doesnt ever work that way! You should just leave him, get a life, and then if he finds you later and is single you might have something.. but nothing good will come of just telling her because you are mad or jealous, think of the kids if nothing else!

  • I'm the married man in an identical situation. You just scared the ** out of me. Please don't do anything that cruel.

  • so why haven't you? because then you would have him through forcing him because his wife wouldn't want him? but what if his wife still wants him? you know the real answer don't you?

  • how long has this been going on?.....if its more than 6 months i would move on with your life as i doubt he will leave his wife and kids.

  • Why would you do that and hurt others as well as yourself? There are other alternatives than stealing another womans man that is safer and more satisfying if you allow yourself to explore. My ex left me for someone like you. I was glad to get rid of him and now I hear she wants to get rid of him too, because he is doing it again to her.

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