Missing name

Hello, I have been here for a while and it seems like I lost my name some days ago. Has anyone seen it? I need it really fast since I have to go to school tomorrow, and also I am hungry and want to go downstairs to get some snacks, and I probably need my name to do that. The name belongs to a girl, aged 18, horoscope Sagittarius, her favorite anime is Inuyasha, her favourite band is Sonic Youth, and her height is 158cm. She used to love her dog, and it makes no sense that she is missing. I really need my name back quite soon, if anyone has seen it or thinks someone you know has stolen it please let me know. If anyone else has lost their name here, tell me what you ended up doing. Thanks a lot.

24 days

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  • I took it and I’m not giving it back! I am having too much fun using it, doing all the things that Inwould not do with my own name, but with yours?

    Turning tricks for $50 a pop, smoking meth, doing my step-dad, stealing from department stores, drifting in my bro’s Tesla, dressing very provocatively. Having a ball!

  • Helena?
    Any of the above?
    This could take a while.
    Good luck. I'd hate to lose my name.

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