So I have this person who I met online. We talk for just 4 or 6 days, but I feel like I'm already into him, and he's already told me that he's not into relationships right now because he's still recovering from a breakup. He treated me so well, and he seems like a very good guy. He said something that makes me feel fluttery; there's something that I only experienced with him when he told me that maybe someday I would literally meet someone like him. Those words hit me differently. I really feel like he's not really into me. But I feel like I'm into him; I already fall for him. This is why I chose not to talk to a guy; because I ended up like this, I would attach myself immediately to the person I talked to. I also feel like he's not into LDR since we do not get along easily because we both live so far away. He's from Canada, and I'm from the Philippines, so I really understand him. LDR is not really easy, and I also feel like I don't deserve to have him. For me, he's so perfect for me. What should i do? should i stop talking to him? But i really love and enjoy talk to him or should i confess even though we just met? or should i just forget this feeling and accept the fact that were just friends? What if someday he tells he's into someone , should i just listen it as his friend? Can i really do that? I'm literally sobbing right now while typing this .

May 15

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  • He’s gay.

  • I agree. Her voice was ear piercing and annoying

  • I would recommend against LDR even though I kind of have one. My “girlfriend” is a single mom on the other side of the continent, but we get into so many fights and misunderstandings it’s been rough. We love each other, but it’s unlikely we’ll be together. We tried to just enjoy each other now but the future ruins it often. Especially since she’s stubborn about having other friends that are men, in person and online. Just makes it awkward. We just filled voids we have, so he might really not be interested in you but you won’t know for sure if he’s just afraid of overstepping or of the distance/conditions of the potential relationship. Don’t lose hope, and don’t be too ** yourself, you sound like a beautiful person.

  • You need to cool down your feelings, and put your expectations on hold. This large distance is a great barrier. Keep talking to him, and maybe it turns out he wants to meet you eventually, but don't hope for it to happen quickly. It would be a mistake to come on too strong. Let him get to know the real you better, and then anything can happen.

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