GF gets even

A group of my friends and I decided we were going to the local ** for amateur night. It was always fun to see women who didn’t dance for a living take it all off on stage. Some were quite shy but good to look at. My GF said why do you go to a ** when you have me at home. I said I thought it was fun on amateur night because the girls were not dancers and watching them react to all the guys seeing them naked was hot. I said the guys always tip the shy ones just to get a closer look at them. She wasn’t happy about me going but I went anyway. Cut to the chase. About a dozen of my friends and I were there and the 4th contestant came out on stage and it was my GF. I was shocked. She came right to where I was and said you like the girls being looked at by all the guys in the bar? Well they will be looking at your GF tonight. She started dancing and the guys I was with said hey that’s your GF and all moved close to the stage. I couldn’t believe it when she took her top off. She had three songs and by the end of the second she had taken everything off. The guys I was with kept calling her to the edge of the stage to tip her and get a closer look. Some of them she knew and when they tipped her she made sure they got a look at everything. She came to where I was next to the stage and opened her legs so I had a good view. Then she whispered in my ear, if you don’t want me upset about you coming here then you can’t get upset if I dance here. She didn’t win the contest but I have to admit she looked good on stage. If I go to amateur night now I always invite her. Sometimes she dances and sometimes she just watches. She got me. Nothing I could say.

15 days

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  • Was at a club in Canada and they had the equivalent of an amateur night but theirs was called a spotlight dance. They would put the spotlight on a female in the crowd. That female had the opportunity to dance on stage. If you were spotlighted you had the opportunity to dance on stage for $500 with a chance to win $500 more. The woman spotlighted could dance or say no and they would spotlight someone else. They would spotlight 3 women and after all three had danced then based on crowd cheers the crowd would vote on their favorite and that favorite got another $500. The only rule was they had to at least dance ** but could go as far as they wanted including **. They had spotlighted a few women and no one was taking the challenge. Then it happened. They spotlighted my wife. She laughed and downed her drink and said she would take $500. She went on stage. She only had to dance 1 song. She took off her top and bra and showed off her pretty t***. She had to wait on stage until the other contestants danced. None of them got naked but 1 did get down to her **. The DJ said ok ladies its time to see who the crowd likes. The first one was in just her **. The 2nd was in jeans and the crowd wasn’t as loud. While the 2nd one was being voted on my wife quickly let her skirt fall to the floor. She came forward and the crowd was pretty loud. The DJ said we have a tie. He asked my wife and the other woman if they wanted to take anything else off. The other woman was shaking her head no. My wife looked at me and then quickly slipped her ** off. The crowd got really loud and the DJ said I think we have a winner. You get to dance a victory dance. My wife naked and shy danced naked for another song and collected her money $1000. She got dressed and came back to the table laughing. She said I can’t believe I won. I laughed and said I can. Everyone wanted to see someone naked and you didn’t disappoint. I asked if she would do it again and she said for $1000? Yes!

  • My wife danced at a ** club for my birthday one year. I didn’t know it was going to happen and it was a fun time. Seeing my wife naked on stage was hot. She never did it again but we have gone to the club together several times. I always talk her into wearing a short skirt and revealing top. She likes the attention she gets and will always remember her night on stage.

  • She's a good sport, a fun gf, treat her right

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