My darkest secret, I need to tell someone...

Sometimes I hug myself and pretend that I'm my mom and I'm/she is being hugged by a kid that isn't me, to see what it would be like for her to be male, and have a different kid instead of me. Every night I record my experience in a journal, pretending to be her trapped inside my body, I keep records of my imaginary "child" (my arms) and what she's been up to (her name is Cynthia, since that's my Mom's Mom's name). But yesterday, my mom found the diary while cleaning my room, and read some of it... I asked her if she was upset and she said that she was just confused, but she didn't seem upset or angry about it, just genuinely confuesd. I feel kind of embarrassed but I want to keep doing it anyway, I'm just worried that I might replace her someday.

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  • ^ Too true! This girl needs some serious medication!

  • no wonder she is confused if it is written anything like this post. it confused the h*** out of me. i cant imagine a whole book of these incoherent rambelings. try writing something that makes sence.

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