I ** up

When I was 12 I had my friend over I was in a stupid mood I was was ** around. I don’t know how it happened but I was gonna put peanut butter on my ** and let my dog lick it until this day. I regret it so much I remember running down the hall and getting it and shut my door and did it, I would never do anything like this ever again in my life I wish I never did it because my friend told some people in the room I’ve got around and I got bullied for almost a whole year and people to this bring it up none of my family members know and if I ever found out I don’t know what I would do. I feel like such a terrible person I’m sort of over it now but I wish I never did it. Can anyone recommend or say something about this?

13 days

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  • It's probably more the embarrassment of it getting around. I think it's pretty common really. Especially during puberty. When I was about 10 my grandparents dog sniffed me in my down under a few times and I'd push him away but once as I was stepping into the bathtub he caught me with a full lick and the sensation made me crazy. I let him do it a few times when I knew I wouldn't get caught. I had a friend that used to do the peanut butter thing and when I'd spend the night we'd rub P. B. on each other's ** and her dogs would lick us. Of course I grew out of it when I started getting interested in boys lol I wouldn't worry about it it's pretty normal experimenting for most people.

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