I can't stop thinking about showing my wife off to my best friend

So I am picturing my best friend and I in our master bedroom - maybe I'm showing him some video or something. Meanwhile, my wife is in the shower (the one attached to our master bedroom). We hear the water stop and a few minutes go by. Then the door lock pops open and she opens the door. She peeks out and we see she's wrapped in a towel and has one wrapped around her hair and playfully says "ok guys, time to leave - let's gooo". Then we playfully say back, "nah, we choose to stay". She laughs and says "no, you're leaving". Then my friend just says "let's see what's underneath there". Then without hesitation and completely out of character she opens the towel for like 3 seconds and then says "there, you guys happy? now go!". We stand there with mouths open just super surprised and turned on. I then picture tons of variation on this where afterwards we convince her to do it again "one more time" and she sexily says "oh, you like?" and just drops the towel and then lays down on the bed with a smirk (or something like that - really tons of places to go from here). I then got SUPER turned on when I thought i'd just tell her my fantasy and she may think it's hot too! In that case, I can definitely see this happening and I can't stop thinking about it. I am constantly jacking to this now and I can't even concentrate on work.

Jun 1

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