Sexual attraction to my sister in law

My sister in law had a fight with her husband. Her husband was cheating on her, she was p***** off at him. Suddenly i became like her husband. I was with her almost all the time. When i was with her in her apartment she used to shower with the door open (not all the way open, but open) she used to come to me with just her towel on, just to ask me if i needed something. All the time she was talking about s**. She used to tell husband its f****** another girl and im just here waiting to get f***** husband says that im ugly that i dont
Have b****, that my a** is to small. And she asks me, what do you think? Am i ugly to you? Do i have a good body for you? I didnt know what to say (so s*****) once she was at the shower and called me asking me if i can bring her, her towel an i said... Of course. When i get in to the bathroom she had the shower curtain open so i saw her n**** and the first thing that i looked it was her b**** and she didnt say anything she just laughed took the towel out of my hands. In other words she wanted to f***, she was h****. i didnt know what to do at that time but now i regret myself for not doing that kind of favor. Its been almost a year and we still talk, but i really want to f*** her now. Can you guys give me some advice in what should i do?

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  • First of all regardless of what the problem is between your brother and his wife, you don't f*** over your own family! Maybe your brother is a duchebag but maybe there is a lot more to the story than you know? If your brother is cheating on his wife, just maybe she's looking for some payback! There would be nothing better for your sister in law to throw in your brothers face that she
    has been f****** you! Well that will make for a great time when your family gets together for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Keep your d*** in your pants and
    let your sister in law throw someone else under the bus! I can tell you this because I had the "Exact" situation happen to me. My brother was a great looking guy, and getting a woman into bed was never a problem for him. He couldn't stop f****** around even after he got married. My sister in law was close as you seem to be with yours. And yes, I was given the chance to f*** my sister in law during that time as well. No way, no how I was going to do that to my brother, even though he was doing wrong. At some point she did
    divorce my brother, and was given another opportunity to f*** her, which I did more than willingly! At least I had a clear conscience of not making a bad situation worse. I'm sure your sister in law will call it quits with your brother and you can f*** the s*** out of her all you want. Just sayin....

  • Just ask her if she still wants to have some fun!!!!

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