My first time seeing a naked woman.

I got my first job at 14 delivery newpapers in my neighborhood in the 90s. I got to know alot of people that I wouldn't have known otherwise. To get paid I had to go around asking for payment. I never had an issue with payment.

One particular house, I will never forget, was a black lady with 2 young kids. She would take her time to answer the door while I hear her kids running around playing. But she would always answer the door with a short towel on, always had a towel.

She would invite me in, go to the kitchen, grab her purse, sit on the couch and write me a check. After a few times I notice when she was on the couch her towel would ride up high and the split of the towel would open up and expose her...ummm...down there.

As a kid I got scared because I'm not allowed to look at that stuff. My mom would yell at me to go to my room if a movie we were watching suddenly had nudity. So I thought I was going to be yelled by the lady if she saw me looking at her so I would look the other way.

But one day I came to collect payment. And as usual, she answered the door with the same short towel. I came in, she went in to the kitchen to grab her purse. She came walking back when suddenly her towel falls to the floor and was completely nude. She didn't miss a beat, she left the towel on the floor, wrote and handed me the check saying "here you go".

I said thank you and turned towards the door. I said bye without looking at her. She said oh, wait, I got something for you. She walks back to the kitchen comes back with a $5 dollar bill and says, this is for you as a bonus "if you don't tell anyone". I never did, but I still think of you til this day.

Feb 19

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  • Wow! What a lucky young man you were

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