Big mistake

My neighbors daughter called the house this morning knowing I was home and said the water heater was making a strange noise, I knew her parents were away because we are close and they had asked me to keep an eye on the place for parties etc. She asked if I could come have a look and I said I would, She answered the door in a towel and said she was about to shower but the water heater was making a weird noise.
She "Accidentally" dropped her towel twice, Made sure one or both nips were showing at some point and constantly bent over in front of me in a far too short towel as I went through the settings on the heater and then told her it seemed fine, I went to leave and she dropped her towel, Grabbed my crotch and I said "Oh I can't...No, Wouldn't be right" and she said "One time...I leave in two weeks for college and don't want to go with my V card".
Yeah so half an hour later she was laying on the bed panting like a dog and said "Oh my god that was amazing", I avoided her for the next two weeks like she had the plauge and now she is gone...
What a frickin dumb f*** I am.

Oct 2, 2020

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  • Not dumb at all. I had a similar thing happen to me last year. But didn’t stay away from her.

    Ended up pounding her a few times more. She was so tight it actually hurt my c***. One time my neighbor (her mom) walked in on us.

    She was 19. I was 49 at the time. Her mom is my wife’s best friend. She stood there watch me f*** her daughter hard with her legs straight up in the air. Andrea, cleared her throat as her daughter and I were climaxing. She dropped the towel from around her body and stood there rubbing her p**** with her amazing red bush. She said, “ all these years I knew that I was going to find a way to get you to f*** me, but I never thought my daughter was going to bag you first. “ Now you better make my kitten purrrr or else I am going to have to tell your wife what I saw here.” “Oh and by the way that c*** is just as amazing as she Cheryl boasts. I’ve been dreaming about it for years. Now give it to me.” Then she turned to her daughter. “Honey, you are are a big girl now. You have had a real man f*** you HARD, but come watch mommy show you how to f*** a man so hard that he dreams of you while he f**** his wife or anyone else for the rest of his life.”

    Well Andrea was right. She was an incredible f***. Now we do threesomes all the time with Andrea, my wife and myself. My wife does not know about the daughter, but I pound her when ever she comes home for the holidays

  • Very lucky man!!

  • Yes, I know I am a very lucky man.

    I have a lovely loving wife who loves to watch me f*** the sexiest redhead in the world. We go wild f****** so hard knowing she is watching and anxious to lick up the mess. Not to mention my wife and Andrea have beautiful bushes. My wife full black bush and Andrea full and flaming red.

    I also have the luxury of pounding a sexy little bald young thing with strawberry blonde hair and the cutest perky t***. The only thing is Andrea said I have to f*** her before her daughter comes home and after she leaves for university. Crazy thing is I absolutely love that fire red BUSH

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