I fell for someone that doesn't want any relationship at all

He is everything I want in a guy. I can see his flaws but honestly everyone has those and I really think he is the closest I would find. We can talk for hours, we are both chill about talking honestly. But he said he doesn't want/look for relationships unless he really knows the person...My friend how will you ever get to know someone if you don't give them a chance? With my ex he started changing rapidly one year in the relationship...those things take experiencing stuff with the other person. I wish I could tell him all that but it would appear as if I'm cornering him. I can't force anything, I tried what I could and I have to step down now.
I'm just extremely hurt because he kind of led me on. Honestly I feel completely broken and lost, nothing really bring me joy now. I wish it never happened, I wish he rejected me from the beginning instead of getting my hopes up. I know we could be a great match. I can't imagine ever meeting someone like this again, I love his personality and how alike we are, I love his eyes and his hair, his manners and voice, his tone of speaking, I love that the best days I had were just walking for hours and talking about everything. I hate how I have to let go now, I hate how I don't understand his reasoning even now, I hate how nothing made sense and still doesn't. I hate myself for falling for him. I wish I could just lose all those feelings.

Jun 5

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